About Sasha

Lily Hollywood was born out of a desire to utilise my maternity leave in a productive way, quite a few years ago. The story was mostly written back then, then, however, it also remained unrefined and unfinished and metaphorically collected dust on my laptop, whilst I returned to my usual and unrelated professional endeavours.

I am many things, as we all are: a daughter, a sister of one, a mother of two, a day dreamer, a community activist, a wife, and a lover and liver of life. Sometimes I write, too.

Lily and Dan’s story represents a contemporary cultural shift towards how separated couples should be aiming to work together, demonstrating forgiveness and inclusion of both parents for the benefit of their children (of course, where it is safe and possible to do so), being psychologically minded, and aiming towards co-parenting in a harmonious way.

Yes, the character of Lily Hollywood also represents the breadth and range of human spirit and emotions: arrogance, fragility, determination and resilience to overcome the curveballs that often create barriers to achieving our goals and dreams in life.

2020 has been the year of me stepping back into the shoes of my key character, Lily Hollywood, and completing my affair with my story. 2020 is also going to hopefully be the year of Sasha Mint and Lily, Lily Hollywood!

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